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This simple planner has everything you need to take charge of planning your weeks, and just a little extra.


The goal:

To give you ONE place to keep up with everything-- a hub of what's going on in your life (instead of trying to remember a million things or keeping track on a bunch of different platforms and to-do lists). 


Why simple is better:

While the ADHD brain loves "bells and whistles," having too much to plan and keep track of can feel like it's adding to your plate rather than taking things off your plate. A great planner should feel like it's lessening the burden. 


What's on it:

  • 20 weeks of Monday-Sunday planning pages
    • Mon-Fri on one page, Sat-Sun and Habits/People on the other
  • Categorized to-do lists
    • coach tip: throw away your other to-do lists and keep everything in one place right on the planner!
  • Time Blocks
    • so you can visually plan your day
  • Habit Tracker
    • a friendly reminder to keep up with those good habits
  • My People Section
    • to help you remember to reach out to people who you might otherwise forget about thanks to the "out of sight, out of mind" problem many of us with ADHD have!
  • Everything Else Section
    • for any additional brain dumps you need to have throughout the week
  • Plus: a brief page with Tips for Success about how to use the Planner.


Made my an ADHD Coach with ADHD.

*This is a digital download. Check out the physical planner if you'd like a spiral-bound planner!

Simple ADHD-Friendly Weekly Planner

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