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Thanks for popping by! 

Here's a bit about me.

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A Bit About Me

Coaching and content creation are newer passions of mine. I started my TikTok as a piece of my final project for my master's degree in 2020 and it grew into this unexpectedly important part of my life. Initially, I was making videos by following trends, but when I was diagnosed with ADHD one year later and started sharing about that journey online I realized there were so many people looking for the validation, humor, and information that I was able to provide. So I just kept going with it. 

I had been a classroom teacher and then a library media center director for 10 years but was feeling burnt out and overstimulated in those roles. I had been looking for something that better suited my strengths and needs, and then it was like my future stitched itself together: I combined the joy I get from content creation with the love I have for connecting with and teaching others and found my way onto the path of coaching.

I attended ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) and opened my coaching practice in April 2023. Since then, I've been privileged to work with dozens of people of all ages and walks of life in their journey to understanding and supporting their unique needs. 

Outside of work, I am (as any ADHDer would expect) multipassionate. I generally go where the wind takes me in terms of my current hyperfixation hobby, but in the past I've been in ukulele bands, gotten my black belt, au paired in foreign countries, and everything in between. Some long standing hobbies of mine including rock climbing, meditation and spirituality, and singing in a disco band. 

I'm looking forward to seeing where these passions take me as I continue to expand my business and try to make an impact on everyone who can't help but think outside the box. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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