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GROUP COACHING IS TEMPORARILY PAUSED UNTIL 7/15/24. Check back then to sign up! :)

About Kelly

I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 30. The diagnosis triggered a full reframe of the way I saw myself and I put all of my attention into learning about the way my brain worked. As I explored my life through the ADHD lens I was finally able to see myself with compassion and patience rather than shame and hopelessness. Through this exploration, I've learned how to structure all aspects of my life in a way that supports the unique way I operate (hint: it often looks different than a neurotypical person's way of doing things), and how to slow down and live life with more ease, gratitude, and peace.

While I was on this journey learning about myself, I sought out support. Quickly, I discovered that while there was no shortage of doctors willing to provide me with a prescription, finding a human being who would sit down and teach me about the way my brain worked was near impossible. It's because of this that I decided to become a coach. 

I found so much power came from learning to understand my own mind and love myself, and I'd like to help you learn to do the same. 

I attended ADD Coach Academy for my coach training and am currently in the process of credentialing with the International Coach Federation. Previously, I worked for 10 years as a classroom teacher and school library media center director. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in 1:1 Coaching? Rates?

Included in a 1:1 Coaching package: 

  • Weekly or every-other-week 1:1 Calls (45 minutes)

  • Weekday texts for encouragement and accountability

  • Access to my constantly-expanding library of ADHD resources and tools

  • Access to join any/all group sessions each month

Coaching is paid for monthly, and is a 3-month commitment (with flexibility around holidays/vacations/life events, of course!)


$449 for the bi-weekly 1:1 package

$799 for the weekly 1:1 package

*All new clients must book a Discovery Call before being onboarded and scheduling their sessions*

Why aren't there any Discovery Calls available?

Discovery Calls can only be booked out one week in advance. If the schedule shows there's nothing available, it just means there's nothing available in the next week. Check back tomorrow morning and try to book the spot that opens up for the following week. :) I take Discovery Calls on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

If you are serious about coaching but having trouble getting a Discovery Call time, don't hesitate to email me ( and I'll open something up for you!

What is a coaching session like?

Coaching sessions are typically 30-45 minutes long and cover the items below:

  • The focus is whatever topic the client chooses to bring to the session

  • We identify a desired outcome or measure of success for that topic and the session

  • We explore the topic through thoughtful questioning

  • Often, we come up with some sort of action or idea to try out to help move you forward with whatever is challenging you at the moment

  • We reflect on takeaways, realizations, action items, etc.

  • During the next session, the coach will follow up on what was covered in the last session.


Coaching is a time when we sit down together and take a deeper look at something that's going on in your life. I support you in understanding how your brain works, recognizing patterns, updating belief systems, and finding meaningful solutions for whatever you're struggling with at the moment. 

How much does it cost to work with you?

My services and rates can be found on my Discovery Call booking page, which you can get to by clicking the "Click Here" button at the top of the page.

Do I have to have an ADHD (or ADD) diagnosis to work with you?

No, I work with clients whether they have a diagnosis or not. I'm a life coach and happy to talk about topics that relate to ADHD, or topics that aren't ADHD related!

*and here's a link to an article about ADD vs. ADHD.

Is there ever homework?

I like to call them "experiments" rather than homework. But yes, usually at the end of the session clients leave with a couple of ideas to try out!

Do you work with people outside the US?

Yes! I work with people from all around the world. 

What types of things can I talk about in coaching?

Usually we talk about pain points in your life that you want to change, or goals that you want to work toward, but it's really up to you! 

Some ideas:

  • Time management

  • Emotional regulation

  • Motivation

  • Task Initiation

  • Maintaining healthy relationships

  • Setting boundaries

  • Managing stress

  • Perfectionist tendencies

  • Routines

  • Eating habits

  • Exercise habits

  • Deciding what's important and what to let go of

  • ...and more!

Additionally, some clients will choose to use our time just chatting and getting clarity about how ADHD is showing up in their life, or they'll ask me to sit with them while they clean out a closet or start on a task they've had difficulty starting on. You're welcome to use our time together however it'll help you most.

How is ADHD Coaching different from regular life coaching?

ADHD coaching is similar to regular life coaching, but it takes place within the lens of ADHD. Our brains function differently and learning to support and appreciate those differences is something an ADHD Coach can help you do!

Do you work with kids/teens?

I do work with kids/teens fro time to time. I'm not specialized in working with kids or teens (yet!) but I do have 10 years experience as a teacher and have effectively supported several youth clients. It is imperative that all persons that seek out coaching are willing to be open, be curious, and be willing to make changes to their lives. Make sure you check that your child or teen is up for this type of self exploration before seeking out coaching!

Do you work with AuDHD clients?

*AuDHD= Autism + ADHD

Yes, while I'm not specialized in this area, I do have experience and knowledge and work with several AuDHD clients.

Do you accept insurance?

No, I do not, and have yet to come across insurance that pays for ADHD coaching. If you know differently, please let me know!

🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ LGBTQ+ Friendly & Transgender Safe Space.

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