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I am a 33 year old Chicago local making humorous and relatable content for millennials and individuals with ADHD. I provide value for my niche with comfortable fashion ideas, home hacks, and lifestyle tips aimed at neurodivergent people (and regular people, too!). I love to work with brands that value the health, wellness, and individuality of their employees and consumers as well as the environment.

TikTok Follower Analytics:


6.9 Million Likes

80% USA Based

61% Female, 39% Male

44% Age 25-34 | 27% 35-44

As of 6/27/23

Examples of Typical Content

Work From Home

Internal Shower

University of Phoenix

Spring 2022

Summer 2022

Latico Leathers

New Purse

What I'd Wear

Other Campaigns

Factor 75

Bridgerton Experience

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