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My Favorite Amazon Products to Manage ADHD

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Last year I set out to "ADHD" proof my house. I put a bunch of systems in place to help keep myself organized, on time, and sane-- and they helped a ton! So I thought I'd share a few with you.

Everything links directly to Amazon, and I do earn Affiliate commission if you chose to purchase through my links by clicking on the images.


1. Weekly Planner

Why: Having a visual overview of my week quells the overwhelm.


  • A FEW lines for To-Do Tasks (not too many... forces me to prioritize).

  • A self-care focus, complete with little boxes to check it off each day.

  • A place to list your Top Priorities for the week.


2. The Floor Basket/The Shoe Basket

Why: A place to toss your "I'm going to wear this again" clothes if you're not up for folding them at the moment/A place to toss your shoes right when you come in the door if you aren't going to put them all the way back into your closet.


  • It's a big basket. Nothing fancy here.

  • This may seem like a dumb solution to NTs, but if you have a brain like mine, you'll appreciate having a super quick place to dump things when you're not going to fully put them away... it just keeps your house tidier!


3. The Stair Basket

Why: Similar to the floor basket... if you have something that needs to go upstairs but you're not going to run it up to put it away right now... drop it here.


  • Small-ish... so it can't get too full before you have to deal with it.


4. "Important Papers" Place

Why: So you don't create a pile of important papers that you forget to deal with.

How to use:

  • Put the whiteboard above the paper organizer in a place you walk by daily.

  • Every time you get a bill/invite/other important paper, immediately open it.

  • Write what it is on the whiteboard and the date that it needs to be attended to.

  • Stash the paper in the organizer.

  • Set a reminder on your phone with a date to attend to each paper. :)


5. Amazon Alexa

Why: Because telling Alexa to remember something for you is easier than programming a reminder in your phone.


  • Use it to remind you to deal with the bills.

  • Set a timer so you don't burn your pizza.

  • Remind you to call your mom every Tuesday.

  • Tell the government your secrets.


6. "Leaving the house" catch-all

Why: Because we all know leaving the house is one of the hardest things for our executive functioning.


  • If you don't have something like this how are you even surviving?


7. Hammock Chair

Why: This is the best $40 I ever spent. It's ridiculously calming and feels like a hug. I also use it when I have a long call or am meditating because it helps me sit still for longer.


  • All the hardware is included.

  • Hella easy to set up.

  • All your friends will ask you if it's a sex swing.


8. Weighted Blanket

Why: For the evening zoomies/calming down when you're overstimulated.


  • Not as good as when you can convince an actual human to lay on top of you, but works in a pinch.


9. Pegboard

Why: Helps with the out-of-sight-out-of-mind problem. I put this in a prominent place in my house so I can easily access the things that I need (to be reminded of) each day.


  • Comes with 18 storage accessories.

  • Super great if you don't have a catch-all/desk-type area in your house.


10. Wake Up Light

Why: If you don't have one of these I genuinely don't understand how you get yourself out of bed.


  • Gradually lights up in the 30 minutes up to the time you set your alarm.

  • The light is BRIGHT. Great for Seasonal Affective Disorder.

  • The alarm sound is absolutely miserable and if you put it on the other side of the room you'll be forced to get out of bed to shut it off to prevent your ears bleeding.


11. Meal Planning/Grocery List Pad

Why: Helps you remember what you planned to cook each week if you put it back on your fridge. Categorized grocery list also helps with executive functioning when you're at the store!


  • Write down what meals you're planning to cook each day

  • Organize your grocery list to help with executive functioning

  • Magnetic so it sticks on your fridge


That's it for now! Let me know if there's anything on this list that you already use or that you would add to the list! I'm sure I'll come up with a part 2 someday soon. :)

You can also find a link to my Amazon Storefront and each of these products HERE.

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