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I couldn't find a recipe book that solved my cooking problems so I made one of my own...

My main issues as a human who cooks and eats food:

  1. Remembering to eat

  2. Remembering foods I like to eat

  3. Remembering where I found the recipes for foods I like to eat

  4. Remembering what adjustments I made on recipes I found

  5. Remembering the recipes I made up myself

I personally couldn't find a recipe book that I liked and that helped me solve these issues, so I made one myself.

When I told a few friends about it, they liked my book enough for themselves that they asked for a copy.

So, I stuck it on Amazon because I thought maybe other people might like it, and because now Amazon does the work. Costs less (only $14!), arrives faster, no work on my end. Everyone is happy.

Below are details about the inside. Link to order is at the bottom!


I'm an Amazon Affiliate and earn commission if you follow the link and purchase my cookbook!

Table of Contents:

Featuring blank spaces so you can write in your recipes and quickly find them later.

Online Recipes Section:

9 pages to write down your favorite recipes found online, including space for notes and organized by what type of recipe it is.

My Recipes Section:

75 blank pages for writing down your own recipes.

Notes Section:

10 blank pages for writing notes as you work out new recipes, list conversions, and jot down ideas.

The book is currently soft cover, with only one cover art option. I'm hoping to come up with a few more cover options soon. Let me know in the comments if the cover art is what's holding you back from purchasing!

If you're interested in ordering one, they're only $14.00. Follow this link to purchase your own!

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